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Owner Checklist

Property Assignment List
Owner Check List

When you give your property to your manager there are items that you will need to complete or supply your manager to make the transfer as smooth as possible. Here is a checklist we provide our owners to assist them in this task.

1. Insurance – Contact Agent
Ask About:

A. Change from homeowners
B. Lost Rental Clause on Fire
C. C. Additional Insured
D. BILL RAMSEY, INC, on Liability

2. Real Property Tax
A. Cancel Homeowner’s Exemption

3. Any Warranties, Service Contracts, Guarantees, Instruction Books – Leave With The Property Manager

  • Appliances
  • Termites
  • Roof
  • Sprinkler Equipment
  • Garage Door Equipment
  • Solar Heating
  • Water Heating
  • Yard Service
  • Pest Control
  • Pool Service

4. Utilities If unit is not rented when you vacate, it may be best to continue service. Leave billing in your name, but change the mailing address to
Hawaiian Electric Company 548-7311
Board Of Water Supply 527-6184
Gasco, Inc. 526-0066

5. Coupons, Billing, And Deposit Slips If BILL RAMSEY, INC. is to make payments or deposits on your behalf, we will need the monthly billing or coupons for each payment.

Coupons, deposit slips, or letter to payee advising a billing change for:
A. Mortgage
B. Second Mortgage
C. Lease Rent
D. Maintenance Fee
E. Association Dues
F. Sewer Assessment
G. Marina Dues
H. Real Property Tax
I. Other

6. Give Bill Ramsey, Inc. G.E.T. Booklet And Copies Of Quarters That Have Been Paid If We Are To Pay On Owner’s Behalf